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"Passing Grade One"  was released in the spring of 2006 "Passing Grade Two",  and "The Right Start" (puppy guide) followed.  The third retriever guide "Passing Grade Three" will be released shortly.

Each book is in three parts:  preparation,  training and problem solving.  The training section contains very precise step-by-step instructions for training your dog. The training books are designed to accompany the Graded Training Scheme and will help the inexperienced dog trainer to pass their Field Tests and to forge an excellent and effective training relationship with their gundog. 







read what people have written about "Passing Grade One"



“it’s packed with helpful hints and common sense; follow its instructions and you will have a dog capable not only of passing The Gundog Club’s Grade One retriever test, but also an animal to be proud of”   

"you could train almost any breed of gundog with the advice provided"

"there is plenty here to make you smile"

"sometimes even the best bred puppies show no interest in retrieving, here you can learn how to kindle their enthusiasm"

David Tomlinson - The Shooting Times.


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 "Passing Grade One is truly a quality production both in its presentation and especially its content.

With over 150 pages it is the most comprehensive guide to the early stages of training I have ever read and whether or not it is intended to progress to the training awards scheme (and I hope many do), just reading and following the easily understood step-by-step format will be a huge help to new and/or struggling trainers.

The attention to detail and the inclusion of a problem solving section is refreshing, something often missed or washed over in the more popular publications.

This guide will help focus your early training in a logical and practical order with specific goals to aim for at each stage.

Almost everyone would gain something from reading it"

JEFF BOSTON, field trial judge

I received my passing grade 1 book a couple of days ago, am pleasantly surprised very easy read and what makes it even better is the step by step guidelines including problems covered that may arise when training your gundog.

I am impressed and can't wait to get on with passing grade 1!

T. C.  from  Dorset

I only posted the order Sat morning, excellent service. The guide is
very good indeed, far better than any books I have read, some brilliant
tips.......once again what an excellent format.

D. B.   from Lancashire


"The Gundog Clubs first training guide "PASSING GRADE ONE - Beginner Retriever" is a 150 page manual designed to give any trainer the best start with his or her dog. The style of writing gives you the essential information you require without the waffle you so often get in gundog/dog training books. All the important information is readily to hand yet delivered in such a way that it shouldn't overwhelm a beginner but covers enough ground that it will fill in gaps or jog the memory of a more experienced trainer starting out with a new pup.
Step by step the techniques required to teach your dog to heel, sit to the whistle, retrieve, stay and recall are all covered.
A comprehensive troubleshooting section is also included that should help solve most of the problems new trainers encounter. Details on how to teach the clicker retrieve are included for dogs that aren't natural retrievers or who need to have aspects of the retrieve polished. Detailed instructions are given for dealing with a dog that has a poor recall. The troubleshooting section has no magical shortcuts, it does however give suggestions for solving the problem and makes it clear that it will take time to resolve problems.

I am convinced that if someone takes the time to systematically work through all the exercises they will have a dog that will breeze through the grade one test and more importantly they will have laid very solid foundations for both themselves and their dogs. I only wish I had this book to hand when I started, it would have saved me so much time

If this work sets the tone for all the future Gundog Club publications, then I can say without hesitation that they cannot fail to increase the skills of both the handlers and dogs that go through the scheme"

Mike Ede,  Devon


 "Passing Grade One" and Passing Grade Two"


Dear Gundog Club

 I would like to say that after reading the Grade 1&2 training books in great detail, I was totally surprised by their superb quality. They are indeed excellent in every way and exactly what the novice and experienced trainer has been waiting for.  They cover everything you need to know and how to get over problems as they occur, as well as possible reasons for failure.  The do's and don'ts are there from the start which is so vital when you have your first puppy.  How often are you told " you should never have done that because it causes a certain problem"?  If you read these books very carefully and stick to the advice rigidly, you will have an excellent dog to be totally proud of.  I strongly recommend everyone buys these books because they are such a breath of fresh air to read.

I  went ahead and took both Grade 1 & Grade 2 tests, and passed them with distinction,  which I was quite proud of.  The training guides definitely guided me through them.  I have ordered Grade 3 already and will be shortly attempting the test with my dog, and can't wait

Even if you do not wish to take the tests, you will greatly benefit from reading the books. You will have 10 times more knowledge than your colleagues for sure.

Well done for bringing out such an informative and well awaited set of training guides

Kind Regards

Gary Jago