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Passing Grade One

 How to prepare for the Grade One Field Test                       


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Passing Grade One

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TITLE: Passing Grade One

SUBJECT:  Very first steps in gundog / obedience training             

AUTHOR Pippa Mattinson

DETAIL:  Spiral bound, soft-back, wipe clean covers, opens flat.


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The Right Start

Passing Grade One

Special Offer:  Save 5.99 when you buy The Right Start and Passing Grade One together.

"As a complete novice, taking on a working cocker spaniel puppy as our first  dog, Pippa's guides have been really practical and invaluable. We've been really impressed with the content and layout of your Right Start & Passing Grade One books. Without them we would have been lost!" GRAHAM SHEPHERD, WILTSHIRE


Passing Grade One is a uniquely detailed guide to the first steps in training a gundog.   Basic obedience and early retrieving is introduced clear steps. Suitable for pet/companion gundogs,  the book is designed for gundogs intended for the shooting field. Covers heel, sit, stay, recall and simple retrieves. Includes when and how to get started, problem solving, and how to pass your first Gundog Club Field Test.


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Passing Grade One contains three sections

  • Preparation and information

  • Step-by-step training instructions

  • Problem solving

Designed for retrievers,  passing grade one is also suitable for spaniels and is a useful addition to the hpr trainer's bookshelf.  Much of the content is also suitable for basic obedience training of any breed of dog.

An invaluable aid for anyone training a young gundog for the first time and a useful reference for the more experienced owner.


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