Working with Gundogs

Vacancies for instructors

Gundog Club Instructors change people's lives. Some of our new students have really struggled with their dogs, and many have had no previous contact with the world of the working gundog. Gundog Club Instructors have the opportunity to act as ambassadors for our sport and to transform each student's relationship with their dog.

If you like the idea of helping people, of a structured, non-competitive gundog training system, of consistent high standards in training nationwide, and of having the back up of the country's only national gundog training organisation, this section is for you.

Experienced gundog instructors can work with the Gundog Club in one of three ways.  Which way suits you will depend on how much independence you desire and on how much support you wish to receive.

  • Team Trainers
  • Associate Instructors
  • NEW Affiliate Instructors

Team Trainers are on the Gundog Club payroll and enjoy the benefit of a guaranteed wage each month, in-house training, and holiday pay on a pro-rata basis. Ideal for those that wish to feel secure in an employed position.

Associate Trainers are self-employed and provide training services to Gundog Club students on a sub-contracted basis. They have access to varied work opportunities and considerable administrative support from the Gundog Club. Associate trainers retain the freedom to choose and vary their own working hours, and to continue to teach their own private students if they wish.

Affiliate Instructors. This exciting new way for gundog instructors to work with the Gundog Club was launched in December 2010. Working as an Affiliate Instructor provides the greatest freedom and flexibility of all, and the most potential income.  Affiliate Instructors provide their own administration whilst benefitting from students referred to them by the Gundog Club.  Working as an Affiliate Instructor is ideal for those keen to run and manage their own training business.

All Gundog Club Instructors are competent and experienced gundog handlers with additional experience in instructing others.  All Gundog Club Instructors are monitored to ensure they maintain high standards of conduct and performance.