Accredited Gundog Instructors

In safe hands

Perhaps surprisingly, gundog Instructors in the UK are not regulated by any government body. Anyone can set themselves up as a ‘gundog instructor’.

There are some fantastic independent gundog instructors to be found in various parts of the uk. And these are not always the trainers that win the most trials or tests. Often the best way to meet a great trainer is through personal recommendation, but this is not always an easy option for newcomers to gundog fieldwork.

Sadly there are also still some very poor gundog instructors working in the UK, and we regularly hear from people that have unwittingly submitted their dogs to some unpleasant methods, or themselves to a very unrewarding experience.

The importance of ‘people’ skills

Training people how to train their dogs, is quite a different skill from training the dogs themselves, and it is these skills as a teacher of people, that the Gundog Club looks for in its instructors, on top of a sound knowledge and experience of successful gundog training.

Fair, firm and kind

Good gundog trainers are ‘fair, firm, and kind’ . The fact that old fashioned and abusive methods of training as still evident in the repertoire of some gundog trainers in the UK, is very regrettable. The Gundog Club is playing its part in raising the standards of gundog training nationally by maintaining a register of Accredited Instructors that must meet appropriate standards of performance and conduct. We listen to what our students have to say about their instructor and welcome their feedback.

Gundog training should be a wonderful experience

Of course, we cannot guarantee that your dog will love gundog training with a Gundog Club Instructor, but the testimonials and feedback we receive from our students suggest that not only will your dog love it, you will too! Gundog training is not only beneficial for dog and owner alike, it should be a wonderful experience for them both, and that experience is what Gundog Club instructors aim to provide.

We are confident you won’t regret putting your dog in safe hands.

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