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The Graded Training scheme was launched in 2006, and has enrolled over four thousand new students to its training programme.  It has provided advice,  information, and an introduction to gundog fieldwork to thousands more, and helped gundog owners throughout the UK to overcome difficulties with their dogs.  The scheme is run by the Gundog Club, an organisation founded solely for the purpose of helping those struggling to train or manage their gundog breed dogs.

Until June 2011 the Gundog Club was privately owned.  In order to preserve and protect the Graded Training  scheme for the public benefit, and to embrace more opportunities for gundog welfare, on 6th June 2011, the Gundog Club directors undertook to pass ownership of the Gundog Club to a new charity: The Gundog Trust.

This new charity is run solely for the benefit of all working gundogs and their owners. You can read about The Gundog Trust's  charitable objectives here.

We need your help.  

We are planning a public launch of the new charity in 2012 and are hoping to involve lots of Gundog Club trainers and gundog owners across the UK in celebratory fundraising events. 

We will be organising sponsored walks, sits and retrieves! and other fun activities.  If you have ideas for a fund raising event however small,  please contact Jacky or Carole in the Gundog Club office and let them know.  You can email us on

If you would like to offer a small donation towards the charity,  it would be most welcome. You can donate as little as 2 through paypal.  Other ways to donate


Please tell your friends about The Gundog Trust.  We are working hard to make this new charity a success and every donation helps, no matter how small.

Thank you so much for your support.