"Bella" was one of the first dogs to be registered with the GC. You can see pictures of her in action on our training pages.

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Register Your Dog

Why register with the Gundog Club?

Registration entitles you to enter your dog in our field tests, and to take part in our training sessions*. It's a once-only fee, that lasts for the lifetime of the dog. Registration gives you and your dog access to teaching and examination from the UK's first and only provider of nationally standardised step-by-step gundog training.

How much does it cost?

There are three different price options. A basic fee that just covers registration, or our 'Plus' and 'Extra' option that include training materials to help get you started. Fees currently start from £14.40.

How quickly can I start training?

You may enter field tests or book training sessions as soon as you have paid your registration fee. You do not need to wait for your documents to arrive in the post.

What if I want to register a litter?

Registering a litter of 3 or more pups, under 6 months of age, costs £10.00 per pup. We send a certificate for every pup. Registration can be transferred to future owners at a later date.

How do I register my dog?

If you would like to register a dog with the Gundog Club, email us at admin@thegundogclub.co.uk and we'll tell you what to do.

* registration is not required for your first intro session purchase.

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