Grade Five (advanced) Retriever

Retriever awards are suitable for all gundogs who are being trained for retriever style gundog fieldwork.

This Award

The Advanced Retriever award is a challenging test of teamwork between dog and handler.

The Grade Five Award has three components

  • Water
  • Game
  • Walk-up

To gain the title of Advanced Retriever, a dog must prove his retrieving ability in all three areas. He must also prove his ability to work under different conditions and to the satisfaction of two separate judges.

Two Field Tests

Two Grade Five Field Test passes are required.  Each must take place at a different site, on a different day, and under a different judge.

Each test will offer the opportunity for the candidate to complete at least two of the above three components.

Once you have successfully completed your first test,  you will need to ensure that the second test you enter, includes any missing component from the first test.   Each field test day will specify the components included within it.

The Retrieves

Each test will include four blind retrieves and four marked retrieves including a double mark.  Retrieves set will vary according to topography and terrain of the test site.  Blind retrieves may be up to 120 yards long,  marked retrieves up to 180 yards long, depending on the terrain.

Dogs will be expected to retrieve over obstacles and from (and from beyond), challenging cover.

Nearing the end of the journey

The dog that has earned the title ‘advanced retriever’ will have demonstrated his ability to complete challenging retrieves of both dummies and cold game, on land and on water.  He will also have demonstrated his ability to work calmly and efficiently alongside other dogs, in different locations and to the satisfaction of two different retriever experts.

The advanced retriever and his handler are nearing the end of their training journey and about to begin a new exciting adventure of working together as a team in the shooting field.

Grade Five paves the way for the final ‘Master’ award which will test the fully trained retriever under field conditions.

Think you can do it?

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