Information for gundog owners

The Gundog Club was formed to help all gundog owners enjoy their dogs through a structured and positive programme of gundog training.

Pet gundogs are welcome at the Gundog Club.  Most of our students own gundogs that are first and foremost family pets.

Our gundog  courses, classes and training sessions take place in many locations across the UK should you need help at any time.

Many Gundog Club students progress to working  their dogs in the shooting field and some go on to compete in working tests and field trials.  Others are simply happy to have gained some control over their pet,  and to be able to enjoy a well mannered, obedient dog.

The Gundog Club provides

The Graded Training Scheme has been developed to help both those that want a competent working gundog, and those that just want to have fun with their pet.    Each grade builds on the skills learnt at the previous grade in easy steps.

Students can measure their progress by entering a Field Test when they complete their training at each grade.  Our Field Tests are non-competitive and gundogs do not need pedigree papers to enter.

Progress through the scheme

Pet gundog owners can learn to control and enjoy their dog outdoors by working through the first two or three grades of the scheme.  You can find out more about Grade One by following this link: The Grade One Gundog Award

Those who want to work their gundog in the field should work their way through the first four grades in turn,  from Beginner (Grade One)  right up to Proficient (Grade Four).    Many students completing Grade Four find that they are inspired to aim for the challenging  Advanced certificate (Grade Five).

Gundog training is tremendous fun and the benefits to both dog and owner are great.

To find out more about the Gundog Club visit our About Us page.    If you are interested in becoming an instructor, Email