Getting help online with gundog training

getting help with gundog training onlineWhen you get into difficulties training your gundog,  sometimes it helps to read how other people have dealt with that same problem.  

Whilst  there is nothing to beat ‘hands on’  advice from a professional who has met and observed you and your dog,  many gundog owners have benefitted from the wealth of information and advice that is now available online.

Getting advice from experienced gundog owners can help you move past a ‘sticking point’  and even resolve your problem completely


Internet forums are a popular source of gundog training advice,  though forums are not for the ‘faint hearted’.  Opinions can be strongly put and people are often less well mannered online than they would be in a face-to-face situation.   

However,  some of the larger forums offer a wide range of interesting views, and most have regulars posting that are very willing to try and help you with your problems.  Here are some of the friendlier forums we have found.

You can try the Field Trials and Hunting section of this Labrador Forum    though you will need to pay £10 if you want to post more than five times.   The remainder listed here are free.

 There is a gundog training section in this large pet forum.  And this very busy American retriever training forum will give you an insight into retriever training in the States.

Back in the UK, for Springer fans there is a nice forum called It’s a Spring Thing  where you can chat to other springer owners.  For HPR lovers there is a dedicated working HPR forum. And on the Cockers Online forum  there is also a dedicated Working Cockers section. 

Finally,  the Gundog Club founder, Pippa Mattinson runs a Labrador Forum ,  where gundog training is often the topic of discussion.

Blogs and other article sites

Another source of information  online is through a growing number of blogs.   There are now quite a lot of interesting ‘magazine style’ dog blogs online,  but rather less that specialise in gundog training.     Many of those that we have found are unfortunately short on good material,  or rarely updated. 

Try this one:  Galody  for an insight into the ups and downs of working and training two HPRs and also for information on clicker training.  You might also like  Totally Gundogs  where you will find Pippa’s library of gundog training articles also including information on clicker gundog training.

You will also find links to a wide range of articles on this website using the menu to the left.

Your blog?

If you have a well written and regularly updated gundog training blog,  let us know.  We would love to add some more to our list.