The gundog breeds include some of the most popular pet dogs in the world,  with labradors leading the way.

In the UK alone over forty thousand labrador puppies are registered every year.

The popularity of gundogs as companion dogs shows no signs of abating.  And gundogs are a familar sight in our parks and moors, and on our footpaths and beaches.

Gundogs make lovable pets

Gundogs often make very lovable pets.  They are highly intelligent, usually very good natured and keen to co-operate with their human family members.   These are some of the characteristics for which they have been bred and which make them so easy to train.

On the other hand,  some of the characteristics we have bred into our gundogs can cause problems at home and outdoors.  Problems which may have a bad outcome for both the dog and his family.

Frustrated instincts

Instincts to hunt and pursue game can make gundogs more likely to chase wild animals,  and the instincts to carry and the highly sociable nature of these dogs can make them destructive if they are not kept mentally and physically stimulated.

Gundogs need to be kept busy if they are to lead happy and fulfilled lives.   One of the objectives of the Gundog Trust is to help ensure that all gundogs receive appropriate training so that their powerful drives can be harnessed into a useful and enjoyable activity.  And that is where gundog training comes in.

Gundog categories

The various gundog breeds are divided into four different categories depending on the role for which they were originally intended.  You can read about the different types of gundog in our article:  Working gundog categories

Gundog Training

The Graded Training Scheme is not just for working gundogs.  It is an ideal training system for pet gundogs too.   The first four grades of the scheme will get your pet gundog off to a flying start with obedience and retrieving.   You will have a well mannered dog and a perfect way to entertain and amuse him in a controlled and safe manner.

Why not start gundog training today?   Give your dog a fresh start and put some fun and control back into your lives.

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