Lightwater Trainer

UrquhartCollette May is our Gundog Instructor based in Lightwater, Surrey.

Collette runs her own dog training school ‘Lead and Listen’ and is a full member of the Pet Professional Guild and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

She has two working labradors called Benji and Angus that she competes in working tests during the summer months and takes picking up in the winter months.

Collette attends dog behaviour and training seminars and conferences on a regular basis and introduces these new ideas into her own style of gundog training. Taking ideas from the world of agility, obedience and other dog sports has helped her solve many gundog training problems by thinking outside the box, expecially when punishment is not an option for her.

Positive Training

Collette has achieved numerous awards in working tests and is proud to have achieved this high level using positive reinforcement methods of training and without any force. She says, “Training should always be fun and enjoyable for both the dog and handler, regardless of the end goal. Using kind methods will help to build a strong relationship which will become essential when competing or working”.


Collette also uses a clicker for some training exercises as she believes this helps speed up the learning for the dog. She says, “Many of the things we need gundogs to do are quite complex and the most effective way to teach these behaviours is to break it down into smaller easier pieces, then gradually put all the pieces together”.

Placeboards are also used in Collettes gundog classes. She feels that they make a huge difference to the speed of the dogs understanding.

Courses and One to Ones

Collette offers regular group training courses, puppy classes, workshops and one to one sessions. All training is tailored to suit your ability level and goals.

If you would like to find out more about the training Collette can offer please click here and submit the form. Collette will be happy to give you a call to chat about your training requirements in more detail.