Somerset Gundog Trainer

In March 2018, the Trustees of the Gundog Club announced that as from September 2018 the Gundog Club would only accredit Force Free trainers. You can read more about this here.

This announcement has several implications. Right now, in the first half of 2018, the Club is in a state of transition. We have some trainers that have been confirmed as Force Free and others that are still going through a reaccreditation process. This instructor has not (yet and may or may not be) been accredited as a Force Free instructor.

Mell Brooks is the Gundog Club’s trainer based at Fivehead near Taunton in Somerset.

MellBrooksShe has been training dogs for ten years and has over 80 awards in working tests and field trials.

She has also had the opportunity to judge several tests and field trials.

Mell has training grounds in Cornwall, Dorset and Hampshire which all is inspiring for some fantastic training, including woods, open ground, rough ground, ponds, ditches, banks, fences – a haven for dog training.

Mell and her dogs

Mell started with her labrador Brook who went on to win several working tests and a novice field trial.

Her next competition dog was Purdey, who won every open working test in the West Country going for a few years. Purdey also had top dog at team events, won a novice field trial and had awards in open field trials and went on to win one.

Next came Oaklea and knowing that he wasn’t a trialling dog, Mell was determined to win some tests with him, which they achieved quickly. He is now part of Mells picking up team.

Mell is now competing with her young bitch called Lowan, who won a puppy test at 12 months old. She came second at her first attempt at a novice working test and then won the next one. Mell has been trialling her this winter and she has been extremely consistent achieving seven seconds. She has also been awarded two thirds in Open Working Tests.

Mell says, ‘My niche in life is definitely working with dogs. They took over from my hobby of surfing, and will continue to be the forefront of my life’.

Graded Training

Whatever grade you are looking to achieve, Mell is happy to help. She is available to train pupils from basic obedience to fully trained Field Trial standard.

Mell encourages students to take part in the Gundog Club’s graded assessments and her students have a fantastic 100% pass rate.

Getting in touch

If you would like to find out more about the training Mell can offer, please click here. Complete and submit the enquiry form and Mell will give you a call to discuss your training requirements in more detail.