East Hoathly Gundog Trainer


In March 2018, the Trustees of the Gundog Club announced that as from September 2018 the Gundog Club would only accredit Force Free trainers. You can read more about this here.

This announcement has several implications. Right now, in the first half of 2018, the Club is in a state of transition. We have some trainers that have been confirmed as Force Free and others that are still going through a reaccreditation process. This instructor has not (yet and may or may not be) been accredited as a Force Free instructor.

The Gundog Club is pleased to introduce our East Hoathly trainer, Peter Dawes.  Peter is a Kennel Club GCDS Gold Standard Trainer and Examiner.  He has been involved with breeding and training labradors for over 25 years and has also been training spaniels for 10 years.

Peter believes that his dogs are primarily pets – any other training comes as an optional – but very important extra.

Peter’s early career was as a flight instructor of light aircraft.  He then went on to become a British Airways Captain for over 30 years flying Boeing 747 – 400s.  He says, “It still makes me smile when I spot the similarities between handling light aircraft and handling dogs”.

Peter retired over 15 years ago and has become more involved in gundog training.  He has been working with The Gundog Club for over seven years and was the first instructor to take his students up to and pass Grade Four with Distinction.  Many of his students are working on shoots or gaining success in competitions and working tests.

Training Facilities

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Peter’s training ground is spread over 16 acres, made up of lawns, woodland, a lake, cover crop, hedgrows and ditches.  He also has access to a further 200 acres of surrounding pastures and farm land.

Getting in Touch

Whether you are a beginner or want a fully trained gundog, need to solve a problem or just want to have some gundog fun, Peter is happy to help. To find out more, please click here. Peter will contact you to chat about your requirements in more detail.