Getting Started with Gundog Training

Gundog training spanielThe Gundog Club provides

  • Quality controlled instruction
  • National Standards
  • Graded Awards

Gundog training is a wonderful way to enjoy time with your dog.

Gundog training offers

  • An exciting hobby
  • A way to control your gundog
  • Physical and mental fitness for your dog

The Gundog Club launched the United Kingdom’s national gundog training scheme in 2006.

Six stages

The Gundog Club breaks training down into six easy steps so that you can progress happily and effectively  from beginner to advanced.

Awards are offered at each level to help keep you motivated and on course.  Awards are gained through successfully completing our non-competitive Field Tests.

Effective gundog training is essential if you would like to work your dog on a shoot,  or to enter a gundog field trial or working test.   It is also a great way to simply have fun with your dog,  and the Gundog Club welcomes pet and working gundogs alike.

Gundog training with the Gundog Club

Gundog Club training is unique and offers access to our non-competitive national graded training scheme.  Training support is available through our graded gundog books and our network of Accredited Instructors.