Grade One Hunting Retriever (spaniel) Field Test

Hunting Retriever (HR) awards are suitable for all gundogs who are being trained for spaniel style gundog work.

This award

Grade One (Beginner) HR  is also suitable for pet gundogs whose owners would like to teach them some basic obedience, and to retrieve canvas dummies.

No pedigree is required and the test is non-competitive

All dogs are tested against a standard.  All dogs that meet the standard will pass the test.

The Grade One test is in two parts.

  • Obedience
  • Retrieving

Is my dog ready?

To pass the Grade One field test your dog will be able to walk a short distance at heel on a lead,  sit  and stay whilst you walk away, come when he is called, and carry out some simple retrieves.  Check below to find out just what is required.

 Obedience Requirements

HEEL: The handler is required to walk his dog on a loose lead from the line to the 15 yard sit marker. Maximum 10 points for the heel.

SIT: The handler is required to sit the dog at the 15 yard marker with one command, remove the lead, and to return to the line without the dog. . Maximum 10 points for the sit

STAY: The dog must remain seated for 30 seconds. The handler is allowed to give the dog one ‘stay’ reminder either before returning to the line, or from the line if he wishes to do so. Maximum 10 points for the stay

RECALL: The handler will be required to recall the dog from the line by voice or whistle without undue delay and to replace his lead without fuss. Maximum 10 points for the recall.

Retrieving requirements

RETRIEVE NO 1 A single marked retrieve on land and in clear view at 15 yards. Maximum points 20

RETRIEVE NO 2 A single marked retrieve on land and in clear view at 20 yards. Maximum points 20

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