Gundog Club Accredited Trainers

Successful applicants join our register of Affiliate Instructors.  Gundog Club Instructors offer help and support to gundog owners that wish to train their dogs for fieldwork, or those that simply want to have a better behaved dog.

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In March 2018, the Trustees of the Gundog Club announced that as from September 2018 the Gundog Club would only accredit Force Free trainers. You can read more about this here.

This announcement has several implications. Right now, in the first half of 2018, the Club is in a state of transition. We have some trainers that have been confirmed as Force Free and others that are still going through a reaccreditation process.

Confirmed Force Free instructors are listed as such on the list below.

If a trainer is listed as ‘cross over’ this is a traditional trainer currently studying and transitioning to force free. These are very skilled trainers, but not established force free trainers.

The other implication is that we now, temporarily, have fewer instructors than we once had. We do have, however, a long list of excellent trainers waiting to join us and we will be progressing them through the process as soon as possible in order to restock our list of accredited instructors.

We get quite a lot of emails asking us whether there is an instructor in a particular area, as people are looking for instructors that are local to them. We don’t have enough instructors for everyone in the UK to have one that is local and most people travel quite a way to reach an accredited Gundog Club instructor. All the instructors we have are listed below, we don’t have any others.

All of the instructors listed below are skilled, experienced people. The services they offer do vary though – some specialise in Retrievers, some Hunting Retrievers, and some HPRs. The classes they are running at any particular time may or may not be suitable for your puppy or breed of dog. Also, some instructors are happy to see beginners and pet gundog owners, others are more interested in helping those who want to work or compete with their dogs. So do ask about the services available when you make your enquiry and tell the instructor as much as you can about what assistance you are looking for.

Gundog Instructors

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