Training a gun dog

by admin on November 24, 2011

Training a gun dogThe Gundog Club’s graded training scheme enables you to break your gundog training down into easy stages. 

Training a gundog is quite a journey,  and we aim to help you and your dog progress smoothly from complete beginner to proficient handler.

The Gundog Club provides Field Tests at each stage of training,  so that you can enjoy the satisfaction of measuring your progress against a national standard.

Training a gun dog should be fun

The aim of our scheme is to make sure that training a gun dog is fun,  for you and for your dog.    Our register of Accredited Gundog Trainers  is available to help you on your way.

Your trainer will prepare you and your dog for each grade,  one step at a time,  or if you prefer,  you can work through the gundog training programme at home using our Gundog Training books.

If you are worried that your gundog is ‘just a pet’  you might like to read ‘Can pet gundogs be successful’

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