Will my dog enjoy gundog training?

by admin on March 7, 2012

will my dog enjoy gundog trainingIt  is entirely reasonable for you to question how gundog training might affect your dog.  

At one time,  many gundogs were trained using quite tough methods,  and you will want to be reasurred that your dog will be well treated during the training process

More than that,  you will want to know that he will enjoy the training journey,  as much as he will enjoy the destination

The destination

Gundog training techniques and methods were designed to prepare working gundogs for the role of hunting companion to their handler or owner.   It is not difficult,  when you watch a gundog at work,  to see that he relishes this role,  and throws himself into it with a passion.   A working gundog is full of instincts that make him crave activities like retrieving and hunting. 

But of course, we cannot let these instincts run riot.  We need to ensure that the gundog’s urges and passions are harnessed and controlled in order for him to be a safe and useful addition to the shooting field.   That is where the training process  comes in.   

The journey

Gundog training is quite a long journey, and whilst you might long for the day your dog is fully trained,  he has no idea what he is missing out on.   He lives for today,  and every minute spent training should be a pleasure for him.

Training with rewards

Modern gundog training is a reward based process.   Whilst some gundog trainers still avoid the use of food rewards,  most modern gundog trainers use a great deal of praise and affection to reinforce desirable behaviour during the early stages in training,  and strive to keep corrections to a minimum.  

You will find the training methods in the Gundog Club books are fun both for you to teach and for your dog to learn.

There is a great deal of emphasis on preventing the dog from learning bad habits,  by sensible management and supervision.   And on encouraging and motivating the young dog to improve.

Not only will your dog enjoy this training process,  the skills he learns will greatly enhance the relationship between the two of you (see What are the Benefits of Gundog Training)   Not only will your dog enjoy his early lessons,  but training just gets better as it goes on. 

It just gets better

During gundog training,  the more your dog improves,  the more interesting and appealing are the tasks that he is set.  During advanced  training,  it is easy to reward the dog using activities that he enjoys such as retrieving.  In this way we build up layers of competence, using the dog’s own pleasure in the activities as a reward for increasing steadiness and obedience.    

Getting help from a Gundog Trainer

If you are looking for help from a professional gundog trainer, you will want to know that your dog is in safe hands.

Of course,  there are some trainers that still have not updated or improved their methods.   But these are becoming fewer and further between.   

The Gundog Club insists that its gundog  instructors undertake to train without harsh methods and the Gundog Club’s Graded Training scheme breaks the training process down into easily achievable stages to encourage and motivate both dog and handler as they progress.

 That was the long answer to ‘will my dog enjoy gundog training’.  The short answer is yes,  he will!

This article is a part of our ‘All about gundog training’  series.  To find out more check out our Information for Students


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