What are the benefits of gundog training?

by admin on March 5, 2012

what is great about gundog trainingMany pet gundogs pose something of a challenge to their owners.  

They are often busy and boisterous dogs with a passion for pursuing the local wildlife!

Go with the flow!

Your gundog is brimming with urges and instincts that encourage him to hunt.   Fighting these instincts can turn your life into a battlefield. 

Far better to ‘go with the flow’  and work with what you have. 

One of the benefits of   Gundog training  is that it takes your gundog’s passion for hunting and retrieving and moulds it into a useful and co-operative activity that you can both enjoy.

Get your dog a life

Gundog training helps to alleviate boredom and to keep your dog physically fit and happy.   Because it is fun for you too,   it helps you to build a great relationship with your dog based on a mutually enjoyable activity.

Get back in control

Gundog training helps put you back ‘in the driving seat’.   You will learn to control your dog outdoors where it really counts,  and to work as a team with your dog.

Foundations for the future

If you think you might want to work your gundog in the shooting field,  and even compete in gundog events,  or simply want an obedient dog, now is the time to get started with gundog training.

Let’s get started!

It is never too soon,  or too late to start thinking about gundog training or to gain some benefits from a structured approach to training and working with a dog outdoors.  

To find out more check out our ‘information for students’ and our gundog training’ home page.   You will also find more information in that articles listed under categories in the left hand menu.


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