Your first gundog

by admin on February 12, 2012

Your first gundogYou may have already purchased your first gundog puppy.  If so you have an exciting journey ahead of you.   

We aim to help make that journey run as smoothly as possible.

Many of the problems people experience with gundogs can be completely avoided by a little knowledge and a few simple precautions.

The right start

If you would like to get your puppy off to a great start in life,  you can purchase our puppy book:  The Right Start  ,  a guide to raising your gundog puppy with fieldwork in mind.

The Right Start will help you avoid any problems which can interfere with fieldwork later on,  and ensure that you have a well-behaved and pleasant family dog.  

Once your dog has settled in,  you might enjoy a ‘puppy session’  with one of our gundog instructors.   These individual sessions are a great way to get tips and ideas and to find answers to any concerns you might have about your puppy’s training or behaviour

Still looking for a puppy?

If you haven’t yet found your puppy,  do check out our article:  Gundogs for sale .   And if you are not sure what type of gundog would suit you best,  you might find: Working gundog categories   helpful.

We are here to help

The Gundog Club was founded to help all new gundog owners train and enjoy their dogs. 

The Gundog Club is part of Britain’s first  national gundog training and welfare charity The Gundog Trust.  Please  make use of the information on the website and let us have your comments and suggestions.

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Douglas Badcock June 23, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Thanks for such a useful resource, I am sure it will make my life a lot much more pleasurable in the coming months.
Is there any reading material available on having two puppies at once. I am receiving a Labrador and a Labrador cross Rhodesian Ridgeback in a few weeks and I would like to train them as gundogs together.
So far I have read Pippa’s Happy Puppy handbook and Total recall among other books from amazon. None of these titles mention having 2 at once, am I bonkers?

Doug in Zambia

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