Proposed G4 HPR test

by Admin on January 21, 2018

The Gundog Trust is consulting on a proposed G4 HPR test. The Graded Training scheme has three types of tests for: Retrievers; Hunting Retrievers; and HPRs. The grades currently go up to Grade 5 for Retrievers and Hunting Retrievers, but only to Grade 3 for HPRs. We now propose to extend the scheme and introduce a Grade 4 for HPRs.
This has been made possible by a group of volunteers who have kindly given up their time to advise the admin staff of the Gundog Club in writing this consultation. Many thanks go to Jo Laurens and Jan Malesa, and also to Andrew Farley, for their invaluable assistance.
This is the first time we have run such an exercise, and the first time we have used a volunteer group in this way to develop the scheme. We hope that we receive some good input, and this model can be used again in the future to further develop the graded training scheme. Read the document by clicking on this link: HPR consultation

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