Gundog Club Field Tests

by admin on February 11, 2012

The Gundog Club offers Field Tests in three categories of gundog work

  • Retriever
  • Hunting retriever (spaniel)
  • HPR

There is no requirement for a gundog to be ‘pure-bred’.  Nor do you need to stick to a particular category of test or gundog training.  

The best test category for your dog will often be the category to which he belongs,  but if you want to enter a spaniel into a retriever test for example, there is nothing to stop you doing so.

In a few cases switching categories may be more suitable.  Show bred spaniels for example may lack the drive necessary to hunt,  but still be perfectly capable of passing the retriever tests,  especially at the earlier levels. 

It is worth remembering  that the field tests are devised with the natural abilities of each category of dog in mind, but the final decision is up to you.

You can find out how to book a test using this link: Taking your field test .

You can get help with preparing for your test from one of our accredited gundog  instructors,  or through our gundog training books which accompany the graded training scheme.

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