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by admin on January 25, 2012

This is an appeal for help for Rex.  Please can you pass this information on via your Facebook pages,  Twitter or in any other way that might help Rex to find the new home that he urgently needs

Rex is a lovely purebred working type choclate Labrador boy who arrived with Black Retriever X Rescue about a year ago.   Rex had had a difficult start in life with a man in poor mental health.

Rex was rehomed into a loving family.  He is an active, playful, affectionate, sociable, bright and happy chap, now around five years old. He walks well on a lead, has good recall off-lead and is great with other dogs. 

The information below is provided by Jemima Harrison,  proprietor of the Black Retriever X Rescue Home.  Jemima is completely honest about Rex’s resource guarding problem which is the reason he is up for rehoming.

“Rex will growl if you approach too close to him when he’s eating, or if you try to take something off him that he prizes (invariably food – he gives up toys with no fuss).  He has also nipped Dad when he tried to pull him off one of the children’s beds. As a result, the family is now nervous that Rex might bite their children and have asked us to rehome him.

Rex has recently been assessed by one of the country’s top behaviourists, Chirag Patel from the Company of Animals. He did not think that Rex was unsafe around children as long as very simple rules are  in place – such as no challenging of Rex when he’s eating. However, we are looking for a home with either no or older children, just to be ultra-safe – and ideally a “doing” home for Rex is a working-type Labrador and is extremely responsive to training. Just long walks though would be fine too! 

Please don’t be too put off by our honesty about Rex. I think he’s fabulous and would take him myself if I didn’t already have, ahem, nine… 

Rex is in perfect health, is neutered, fully-vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated, and is currently living in Beaconsfield. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in this really very nice boy.

Jemima ” 

If you think you might be able to offer this lovely dog a home please do get in touch with Jemima at Black Retriever X Rescue by emailing: 

 Please note: Resource guarding is treatable.  For more information please follow this link:  Stop your dog growling over food.

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