Fantastic test results!

by Admin on October 19, 2016

Our Gloucestershire assessor Hilary Smith was very impressed with the students taking their tests last Sunday 16th October. An extremely impressive set of marks, and special mention of Rebecca and Logan with not one 100% distinction, but two! And not the only student to score a perfect 100% – Lindy and Gunner also managed this impressive score!

All the students have been attending training courses with our Worcestershire trainer, Helen Phillips.

Rebecca Bye and Logan GRADE 1 HPR Distinction 100% score. GRADE 2 HPR Distinction 100% score.

Diane Ward and Bella GRADE 1 HPR Merit.

Adele Hayward and Lola GRADE 1 HPR Distinction. GRADE 2 HPR Distinction.

Mark Thompson and Holly GRADE 2 RETRIEVER Merit.

Lindy Daley and Gunner GRADE 2 HPR Distinction 100% score.

Richard Gourlay and Berlioz GRADE 3 RETRIEVER Distinction.

EM Kingsley and Molly GRADE 3 RETRIEVER Merit.


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