Progress with the Gundog Trust

by admin on January 15, 2012

The trustees of the Gundog Trust  have been busy throughout the summer and autumn,  working on our application for registration with the Charity Commission. 

This application process is rigourous and thorough, as you might hope where an organisation is intending to handle money raised partly through donations and public generosity.

We have had to provide the commission with a good deal of information and evidence and this has taken longer than we anticipated.   However we are now nearing the end of our journey.

Our case officer at the Charity Commission has let us know that the Gundog Trust is eligible to become a charity in law.   We have amended our objects slightly as recommended by the Charity  Commission and will be altering our articles of association in accordance with their recommendations too.   You can read our new objects here

Once companies house has registered our new articles we will be issued with our registration number from the Charity Commission.  

We will let you know as soon as we hear the news,  and are very much looking forward to a public launch of the UK’s first gundog training and welfare charity.

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