A request to our students

by admin on November 7, 2011

Learning to handle a gundog with one of our Accredited Instructors provides more than just excellent instruction. Access to countryside It brings our students into contact with training facilities and access to the countryside which they  might otherwise never experience.

However, from time to time we receive reports of students entering their trainer’s grounds without permission.

Unauthorised access

We would like to appeal to all students to make sure that they have the full knowledge and permission of the trainer,  before entering the training ground that they have been introduced to.

Training grounds are often leased or lent to instructors with the kind permission of the landowner,  many of whom will not tolerate unauthorised entry.

Students that enter training grounds without the knowledge or permission of their trainer risk jeopardising the trainer’s permission to teach there.

Please help us to continue

Contrary to popular belief there is no ‘right to roam’  on enclosed farmland.  Please help us to continue to provide access to these great facilities for our students by asking permission from your trainer if you wish to practice with your dog on land that he or she has introduced you to,  outside of your pre-arranged training session

Many thanks

The Gundog Club Team.

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