Accredited Gundog Instructors

Gundog Club Instructor Gloucestershire

The Gundog Club Accredited Instructor in Gloucestershire is based at Prior's Norton near Newnham-on-Severn

Our Gloucestershire Gundog Club Instructor provides Graded Training and welcomes pet gundogs and working dogs alike.

She offers a range of group courses and one-to-one sessions throughout the year

Whats on now?

Courses Weekly 1 hour sessions for 8 weeks, small groups, graded training Available now
Workshops All day session, focus on specific skills. Available now
Puppy Sessions One-to-one: Puppies from 3-5 months old. Getting off to a good start Available now
Intro Sessions One-to-one: meet the trainer, find out about graded training Available now
Remedial Sessions One-to-one: solve your training problems Available now

What does it cost?

Sessions cost from under £20 per hour (group courses @ £158 for eight sessions) up to £33 per hour for private individual tuition. Discount may be available on block/group bookings. For further information Contact Gloucestershire Instructor

All Gundog Club Affiliate Instructors are experienced gundog trainers that have met and continue to meet, the Gundog Club's strict standards of performance and professional conduct. All training is reward based and sessions are designed to be fun for dog and owner alike