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Gundog Instructors


Choosing an Instructor is a very important decision. Especially if you are inexperienced. Your instructor will have an impact, not only on your dog's behaviour and training, he or she will also influence your dog's happiness and health.  

Novice gundog owners need to know that the person they are entrusting with the welfare of their dog, is competent, professional and caring.   How can you find a good instructor?

Choosing a Gundog Club instructor

The Gundog Club provides Accredited Instructors throughout the United Kingdom. Gundog Club Accredited Instructors are experienced gundog trainers that have met and continue to meet, the Gundog Club's strict standards of performance and professional conduct.

Learning in achievable steps

Gundog Club Instructors are not permitted to use harsh training methods and are required to offer step-by-step Graded Training to Gundog Club students.  Graded Training helps to ensure that you and your dog learn in easy, achievable stages, without putting pressure on your dog or causing you stress.  Gundog Club Instructors do not discriminate against pet gundogs and are committed to prioritising the welfare of your dog above all else.

The Gundog Club is the only organisation licensed to provide Graded Training for gundogs in the United Kingdom and  does so through a network of accredited instructors nationwide.

Gundog Club Instructors provide training courses and personal tuition in many locations. 

Locating your instructor

You can find a list of Gundog Club courses, run by our instructors on our find a course page. Click on the course of your choice and you will be able to book online or contact your trainer, directly from the course of your choice.

You can find a list of our one-to-one training locations here.  For the latest locations and to book one-to-one personal tuition in your area, please call the Gundog Club office on and speak to a member of staff.

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