Huntingdon Gundog Instructor

Cambridgeshire Gundog Trainer Tony Brazier has been a Gundog Club Instructor since 2008 and has an excellent success rate with many of his students achieving distinctions in our field tests.

Tony welcomes pet gundogs and complete beginners in addition to more our experienced students.

Gundog Training Facilities

Tony’s gundog training facilities in Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire include seventy acre sites, lakes, rivers, woodland, hedges, ditches and open areas of yellow grass, stable set-aside, and meadow land.  All challenging enough for training Retrievers up to Grade Five and spaniels up to Grade Four.

cambridgeshire gundogs take their test Students and their gundogs in Cambridgeshire

Tony offers 121 sessions, and eight week gundog training courses for gundog breeds including preparation for our graded  field tests.

He also offers remedial therapy sessions for aggressive or ‘difficult’ dogs and enjoys teaching students to communicate effectively with their dogs.

Tony and his gundogs

Tony Brazier has been training dogs for forty five years and started competing in obedience trials.   His first gundog was a Golden Retriever which he trained for obedience and for gundog working tests.  He soon caught the Field Trial bug.

About thirty five years ago Tony bought his first Labrador bitch with which he won many gundog working tests (novice and open) and several field trials.   Within five years Tony was judging and for the last seventeen years has been an A panel Kennel Club Field Trial judge.

Tony describes his system as  a “psychological philosophy of training”  helping students to gain leadership skills and to unlock their dog’s potential.

How to get in touch with Tony Brazier

PLEASE NOTE: Tony is on holiday from 16th May to 31st May 2017, inclusive. He will response to enquiries on his return. Click on the following link Contact Cambridgeshire Gundog Trainer  and just submit the form.   This sends an email directly to Tony and he will give you a ring.  Don’t forget to include your telephone number!