South Yorkshire Gundog Trainer

TindallSteve Tindall is the Gundog Club Instructor for South Yorkshire.

Steve is based near Sheffield and has over 20 years experience training animals.

He started at the age of 22, working with wild animals including lions, tigers, elephants, horses and wolves.

Steve then went on to study dog behaviour, how they learn and why we train them. His aim is to support owners and their dogs with a calm, patient and positive approach.

Over the last three years Steve has attended many courses including the Oxford College Professional Canine Studies and the Adtb Academy of dog training and behaviour. He is also a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers.

Graded Training

Steve runs one to one and group training sessions. He welcomes Gundog Club students in all categories and will be very happy to help you work towards your Gundog Grades or to solve any training problems you have with your dog.

Further Information

If you would like to have a chat with Steve to find out more about the training he can offer please click here: Contact Steve Tindall. Steve will be very happy to hear from you.