Fantastic test results in Leicestershire!

by Admin on December 20, 2016

Last Sunday was a very busy day for the Gundog Club’s senior assessor, Tony Brazier, as he carried out 13 assessments for Steve Hare’s students.

These students turned in fantastic performances, with 9 gaining distinctions, and 3 merits. Every Grade 3 student achieved a distinction!

Contact Steve here.

Well done everyone!

Grade One
Claire and Marley
Brett and Alfie
Sarah and Thurston
Claire and Elfa

Grade Two
Helen and Tia
Mick and Murray
Brian and Dot
Gill and Molly

Grade Three
Trevor and Blue
Tess and Alfie
David and Tia
Mark and Taff
Wendy and Lottie

gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-06 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-10 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-12 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-14 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-20 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-23 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-31 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-37 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-41 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-47 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-52 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-63 gundog-club-assessment-18-12-16-72

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